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You will receive great advice for identifying, selecting, and paying for college.

“I highly recommend College Placement Pros. We found Brian to be honest, caring and sincere about helping our daughter get into college. He was always there to answer questions, but the biggest thing was that he treated my daughter like an adult and held her accountable to make the process work!”

Paul, parent

When it comes to college planning,


knows WHAT to do and HOW and WHEN to do it.

admissions CONSULTING

Initiating the search process

Exploring student interests, majors, careers

Optimizing your transcript and resume

Strategizing for the ACT and SAT

Identifying colleges that meet your needs

Maximizing college visits

Managing college interviews

Mastering application essays

Assessing admissions options (EA/ED/RD)

Securing grants, scholarships, aid

Completing college applications

Evaluating acceptances/aid packages

Guiding final college selection

Preparing for freshman year

Student-Athletes: Getting recruited

Students With Special Talents: Showcasing your passions

Students With Special Needs:

Finding support

First-Generation Students:

Understanding your options

COLLEGE PLACEMENT PROS skillfully guides student-athletes toward their goal of playing sports at the next level.

We have helped numerous students compete in college by:

  • Educating families on the ins and outs of recruiting

  • Exploring potential opportunities in NCAA DI, DII, DIII; NAIA; NJCAA

  • Offering tips and techniques to gain maximum exposure

  • Recommending the most effective ways to communicate with coaches

  • Emphasizing the importance of having a strong academic and athletic profile

Our programs and pricing are designed to

meet the specific needs of each student.

Our personalized approach helps each family

find the perfect place

for their child to go to school.

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