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Going to college is the most important decision students (and their parents) will make about their future.
It’s also a major investment.
With almost 4,000 colleges and universities running the gamut in size, attributes, and offerings, it's incredibly difficult to decide which school will best fit your needs and budget.
That’s where we come in.

We're committed to helping students find their “good place” --
the college, university, or technical institution that not only has the physical attributes they're looking for (size, location, setting),
but also offers a social experience that contributes to their

emotional well being and positive state of mind.


College Placement Pros is a leading educational consulting firm that helps students identify, gain acceptance to, select, and pay for the schools that best ...
Meet their needs
Further their Goals
Support their values
Suit their Interests
Maximize their Talents
Fit their personalities

The team at COLLEGE PLACEMENT PROS collaborates with families to explain the search process in detail and guide you every step of the way. We develop a comprehensive game plan that covers all of the critical aspects of college admissions; defines specific roles

for parents, students, and advisors; and simplifies the entire process. We also provide personal advice as well as useful tips, templates, and timelines that make your search more streamlined,, ORGANIZED,, and EFFICIENT.

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