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In a nationwide survey of 1,264 students who scored in the 70th percentile or higher on the SAT (at least 1150) or ACT (at least 25),

hired a college
planning service

This equates to about 160,000 college applicants.
Further, the percentage of students receiving application support has increased steadily every year for the last 12 years.

*Survey was conducted by marketing firm Lipman Hearne

Why Do I Need a

College Planning Consultant?

Choosing a college is a critical decision. Therefore, it should be made thoughtfully and strategically with the latest information and best counsel available.
College costs are skyrocketing. In fact, paying for college is often the second most expensive purchase a person will make aside from buying a house. Tuition and fees at public universities now run about $10,000 a year, typical private colleges cost more than $40,000 a year, and the most selective schools top $60,000 a year.
College admissions are becoming increasingly competitive. The top schools in the country now accept only 5% - 25% of their applicants -- raising the stakes even higher for students.
Colleges no longer desire “well-rounded” students. Instead, admissions officers are focused on assembling a well-rounded class, which can be achieved by admitting students who have strong interests that they pursue continuously and deeply.
The admissions process is confusing.
Many families don’t fully understand what to do, and when and how to do it.
A successful college search takes time. It also requires a significant amount of planning.
Most students don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. This uncertainty makes it difficult to assess specific colleges and what they offer.
When it comes to college search, each situation is different. No two students are exactly alike in terms of what they offer a community and what they are looking for in a school.
It is not always clear who is running the show. Most parents have a hard time figuring out what role they should play and how much their children should do.

Why Do I Need

College Placement Pros?

We find the school that’s best for you academically and socially taking into account your needs, interests, goals, talents, values, and personality.


We save you money by helping you earn academic grants and scholarships, and receive financial aid.  

We improve your chances of gaining admittance by steering your academic, extracurricular, and athletic pursuits in a way that will make the biggest impact on your transcript and resume.

We work with families to explain the search process in detail, including the many options for identifying, selecting, and paying for college.


We help you navigate the massive amount of information that is available -- just Google “college” or “admissions” and you will get millions of results -- to find what is most critical, relevant, and useful to you.

We develop a comprehensive game plan, which covers the critical aspects of college admissions, and then guide you every step of the way.


We provide detailed strategies for acing standardized tests, mastering application essays, managing interviews, and getting the most from college visits.  


We offer personal advice as well as useful tips, templates, and timelines that make your search easier, better organized, and less time consuming.

We help students not only identify their strengths and weaknesses but discover their interests and how they relate directly to college majors and potential careers.

We tailor our search for each individual, including those students who are athletes, possess special talents, require additional support, or are nontraditional (first-generation). achieve their highest potential.

We define specific roles for parents, students, and advisors so that there is a balanced and appropriate level of responsibility and involvement.

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